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Amenti´s coin - secret place pt. II


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ON SACRED GROUND OMAR: Why should I wonder? why do I stand afraid she's six feet under so cold within her grave Sacred Ground On Sacred Ground Sacred Ground On Sacred Ground So Death awaits me, though not from any ghost but by the religion of her unwanted hosts Sacred Ground On Sacred Ground Sacred Ground On Sacred Ground ANWAR: A chance to say his last goodbyes, A chance to mourn his love From Where she looked down on him, from high above Or is she locked away, lost beneath the soil Wrapped in true faith only found on sacred ground As I warned him, there are dangers here and the guards overcame him as he was led away Condemned to die alone the dawn tomorrow will carry his soul A chance for grim reflection there's no need for sound The solitude surrounds him and his flesh is bound The gathering wind is screaming it's time to fly away
A LETTER HOME ANWAR: (reads aloud Omars letter to his father) Putting pen to paper, I need to tell of my fate I should have spoken sooner now its late No time for a what could have been because it is what it is See you again in a tranquil sweeter place Remember me as I am Remember all my love I was the child in the Sun, running in the dusty street So carefree, laughing, playing with my friends Its so funny to think back on those early days with you So clearly I can see you waving back I climb on your shoulders And hold on to you tight We run so fast together A father with his son And the days they went so fast and we grew apart in pain with no reconciliations that time would never come again ANWAR: So here I am for you You will not die today Put on these clothes quickly and then let us be away Run as fast as you can for your life Run to the distant sands Run with the breeze at your back Run from this hateful land OMAR & ANWAR: Running fast for a new life Running fast through all the sand Running like the wind glides onwards Goodbye familiar lands
MY FATHER'S ANSWER Father: Oh my child, your words so moved me It's clear, that we wasted time If you were here I would hold on tightly I pray that you will find peace at last Omar: I am now delivered whole and I ran home to you Oh Father, please forgive me Tell me now what I must do Father: If you still love her, you will not fail to find her Take this parchment, it shows all the ways to go Omar: Signs appear before my eyes A map to the Underworld Mountain passageways, rivers to cross Reached by the last full moon day Omar: Dangers surround me if I take to this path travelling under where no man should ever pass I swear by love that I will get to the cave and inside Fortune favours the brave and foolish to survive Father: No time for goodbyes, the days are now shorter You must return or you will perish alone So take the task and follow your heart Pack up, be ready ... to make a fresh start Omar: See her face it appears before me I am the hope and the dream Journeying onwards to Death enacting this desperate scheme
DESERT CROSSING Omar: What am I a Jester or Hero? Caught in moments of pity, doubt and fear Lost in thoughts as my life is fading I am writing a brand new story Whilst you slept there cold and underground I have chased up the roads towards salvation If they find my old white bones here Bleached by the scorching desert Sun Mark my name as today's Reckless Fool Omar, Sherin: Keep breathing in and out heart beats working to rhythm Legs do not give way and fall Pulling up from the sand Deep heat fires the day light Horizons fixed call me to "Stay!" Omar: Water gone, landmarks gone Lost in an endless dusty bowl Calling your name with no one left to hear me The wind howls out my epitaph Singing songs of luckless wanderers I have chased up the roads with nowhere to go Omar, Sherin: Keep breathing in and out heart beats working to rhythm Legs do not give way and fall Pulling up from the grains Deep heat fires the day light Horizons fixed call me to "Stay!" Omar: Sherin I am coming darling, hope has all but gone All my prayers have failed me Gods have left me with the buzzards flying near So will we be together, I only wish I knew You'd think the sacrifice would always see me back with you Omar, Sherin: Deep breathing in and out heart beats losing their rhythm Legs all but give way, I fall Down on the resting sand Dark heat fires the day light Horizons lost call me away
Caravan 06:03
CARAVAN Omar: Upon my waking I know My life to my saviour owed and my feelings show Whatever saved me tonight I need a way to make it right So I tell him my tale Hilal: Karma feeds the soul I will aid your goal Omar: Bless you my friend Look here at the map of my way to go Omar: The gate will only appear for the keeper at dawns light I must meet him there Whatever happens next that is hidden still from me but I know I need to see Hilal: You will need this more A coin to pay for going through the door Omar: The Map and the Coin Now I feel I'm ready to leave
A NEW SHANGRI-LA Omar: Another way to now go While the sand turns to high rise plateau I work holding to the face of the rocks and the stone of this place Fingers find home as if they know the path up ahead moving slow And the wind's going to blow Upward and onward I go High out there in the blue, where time starts to move slowly Birds will circle their prey Caught in a moment alone I watch and I wish That I could fly up there so free So I think of my goal lost frozen glimpses of home Another way to now flow as a path has a passage to show Squeezing in the rock face A route to a different place Hold onto hope it ever grows Look at the valley below and I still, still want to know Where do all my dreams go? Down there into the green, where time still moves so slowly Bees and butterflies float dancing around through the trees I move to the shore of the mirror, the lake so serene and I take a cool drink waters so crystal and clean So Who is the girl I see, smiling so grateful when she welcomes me home Rest here bring peace to your soul
THE TEMPTRESS Omar: "Oh please hear my story A tale of love and loss No heroes or glory and the pathways still to cross I can only stay till morning as I must be on my way" Temptress: "So rest awhile here with me For I have been all on my own and patient I have stayed lonely For someone to come in For someone to come Into this hermit house Hermit's house Please be with me now" Omar: as the wine begins to dull my mind I can feel her moving in, behind me She strokes my neck and whispers her promises "Forget her, you will not know Sherin soon" Omar: Get back from me woman, spare me your lies You are beautiful but a serpent in disguise Sherin is my life, my heart and my soul I go now and leave you again alone
Arrival 08:40
ARRIVAL Omar: The Sun is rising high on a new day Darkness is yearning for the morning and the cave is found Waiting for me With coin in hand I stand Amenti: I am the keeper of the Soul Gate Omar: Please take my fee and make it open Amenti: The price is paid so enter at will Omar: with fear I will step through Amenti: See the door now starts to close... Omar: No time to waste I cross the void Amenti: ... on the fate you rashly chose Omar: There were no choices left for me Amenti: Destiny leads you, follow blind Omar: Onto what calls me in the dark Omar: On the other side Caverns made of light symbols adorn the coloured sidewalls The moss eiderdown Floors damp yet sweet I search for meanings here Amenti: As you now enter realms of the dead... Omar: You can no longer hide my fortune Amenti: ...you will encounter more of my kind Omar: Your warnings welcome doubt Amenti: If your quest is true and pure... Omar: I'll swear upon my life for you Amenti: ...then I hope you can endure Omar: But there is nothing here to find and the trail grown cold is lost so I seek a guiding sign I'll find you Wait for me I'm coming home Death won't stop me And love will lead me I'm coming to bring you home


CYRIL – Amenti ́s coin – secret place pt. II

CYRIL is back - after 3 years of work, the new album "Amenti's coin - secret place pt.II" out on February 22nd, 2022 @ Progressive Promotion

With their 4th album, CYRIL have taken up the concept of their long track "the secret place pt. I" from the album "Paralyzed" and continued it in a rousing concept album. None other than Mr. Guy Manning ( Damanek, UPF ) wrote the lyrics to the exciting story of Denis Strassburg. The band attached great importance to a musically and lyrically exciting implementation of the themes and characters.

Marek Arnold (seven steps to the green door, Toxic Smile, ex-Stern Combo Meissen, Flaming Row and many others), Denis Strassburg and Ralf Dietsch are working in a constant and proven cast with 2 gifted singers: Manuel Schmid (Stern Meissen) and Larry B. (Toxic Smile). Manuel Humpf ( Ex-Smalltape ) took a seat on the drum stool for this album.

“Amenti ́s coin” again shows the core skills of the band – melodic prog / rock songs with an eye on great songwriting, providing a very own athmosphere.

The album not only features the typical sound of the band, but again puts on a show for the fans, with great vocal arrangements and melodies.

The record was mixed / mastered by Martin Schnella.


released February 22, 2022

Line up:

Larry B. & Manuel Schmid - vocals
Marek Arnold - keys, sax, recorders
Ralf Dietsch - guitars
Manuel Humpf – drums
Denis Strassburg - bass, progr.

music by Marek Arnold, Denis Strassburg, Ralf Dietsch, Manuel Schmid and Larry B.
lyrics by Guy Manning

produced by Marek Arnold, Denis Strassburg & Manuel Schmid
mix / mastering by Martin Schnella



all rights reserved



B´side - music / Marek Arnold SN, Germany

Saxophonist / keyboardist Marek Arnold -
of different progrock- and jazzbands ( f.e. ssttgd, Toxic Smile, Stern Meissen, Cyril, Flaming Row, Damanek, UPF ...) -
works as musician, composer, arranger and producer ( in his studio ‚b‘side-music‘ ), is part of albums with Steve Hackett (Genesis) & Jon Anderson (Yes) & musicians of Shadow Gallery, Spock’s Beard, The Tangent, Jadis or RPWL as well.
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